“INTEGRATED COUNSELING,” our unique technique, offers much more than subject tutoring and coaching. We help develop the personal skills and self-confidence needed to compensate for LD or ADHD and not just pass but excel in college courses. It has been proven successful with hundreds of college students. It works, even for students who have failed in other colleges.
We use subtle psychological methods to counter past negative experiences and build on each student’s unique strengths. We integrate counseling with tutoring to help students understand subjects, prepare for tests and compose papers. Students learn how to learn, how to study, how to take notes.
We help them understand lessons – not just memorize them. We also coach them to participate in class discussions and build social relationships.

Think of NYLDC and Integrated Counseling as “insurance” to protect your investment in college tuition.

GET TIMELY COACHING for difficult subjects and effective tutoring for tests, papers and discussions. Learn easier, retain more. Don't just memorize: know!
DEVELOP CONFIDENCE to relate to instructors and classmates. Overcome social fears, improve first impressions, make new friends. Build a more positive self-image.
SET HIGHER GOALS. Build a plan to not just survive but to graduate on schedule. Prepare now for success in coursework plus internships and other career opportunities.
FIND THE RIGHT COLLEGE. Choose a curriculum and professors that interest and inspire you. Evaluate LD requirements and accommodations. "Ace” applications and interviews.
GET A HEAD START. Adjust attitudes and expectations. Assure school support to minimize and compensate ADHD, Dyslexia, Aspergers or other LD challenges.
ADD APPLICATION APPEAL. Test scores are just the beginning. Get help writing an impressive essay. Add interesting goals and interests. Join in business or community activities.

parents can do to effectively help their sons
or daughters while still respecting their new goals and their need for independence.
RECOGNIZE PROGRESS. Appreciating a student's struggles to cope with faculty, classmates, and a new environment as well as LD challenges. Celebrating As and Bs.
UNDERSTAND CHANGES. How to keep up with and counsel inevitable changes in style, dress and friends, while focusing on graduation and career goals.

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