nYLDC’s impressive credentials
All NYLDC counselors and tutors have extensive experience working with college and university students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Learning Disabilities for over ten years. They are thoroughly familiar with the needs, motivations and attitudes of LD students. This year, by demand from parents and high school teachers, this experience is now also available to help young men and women search for and apply to the right college.
OUR DIRECTOR is the renowned educator of a large university’s learning disability program where her unique approach has been perfected and proven successful. At NYLDC she has trained our staff of experienced LD counselors in applying her successful methods, helping many LD students to succeed. Her credentials include:
• A Master’s Degree and an Advanced Certificate in Counseling Psychology from New York University
• A Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York
• Certification as an Academic Coach for students with Learning Disabilities
• Member of the American Counseling Association
• Presentations at many universities
She developed Integrated Counseling after studying the careers of the many famous people who have faced the challenges of Learning Disabilities — and triumphed! Many overcame ridicule, bullying and even self-pity. To succeed, they had to focus on their strengths instead of their difficulties, to live for their future, and to ignore past struggles and failures. And, like every child today, they had to develop a determination to succeed! Her experience with hundreds if LD students proved that all the tutoring in the world won’t result in success unless the student believes in his or her potential success. If they expect to fail, they will fail. That’s why NYLDC combines subtle therapeutic methods to counteract past negative experience.
Emphasizing Four Critical Skills
Our primary objective is to help students deal with their LD challenges and stress their compensating talents. One goal is to help each student develop four basic skills that will help them succeed in any subject, any course, any school and, eventually, in any career! These are:
• Comprehension— understanding lessons, not just memorizing.
• Retention— visualizing real facts and lessons so they can be recalled.
• Communication— effectively speaking or writing about schoolwork.
• Socialization— relating to others, winning friends and allies.


We will also assess each student¹s goals, preferences and capabilities and prepare a detailed plan -- an Academic Road Map -- in consultation with the Director, the student, and his or her parents. The plan is customized to supplement whatever level of LD accommodations are available at the student¹s school. It lays out steps to build momentum from one term to the next ‹ aiming not just at graduation but at school honors and personal achievements that can contribute to success after college.
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